What we do!

Art Classes

Art class at YEROA program within YERO gives the opportunity to select few talented children to acquire experience in arts. YERO provides art classes to 10 students and arranges visits to art galleries and famous Sanani painters. In addition the students express their emotions through the various pictures they paint. These paintings are exhibited at different points of interest across the city of Sana’a, such as the French Cultural Center, fairs or simply at YERO.

Exhibitions have also been done in different countries such as France and Germany. The income generated by the sale of a painting goes immediately to the child. This programm encourages the child to sustain himself/herself.

Micro loans

YERO is commited in providing help to the children and women. A micro-loan is offered to encourage self-sustenance and to empower the individual. If any project arises from the community, they can request a micro-loan to YERO after the project has been reviewed and approved by the organization to be self-sustaining. The participants usually are women in YERO’s sewing project. Micro-loan program does not have a specific deadline.

Sewing for Women

Women's artworkA sewing project is implemented at YERO to provide marginalized women and the mothers of the children enrolled at YERO the necessary skills to self sustain. Women are taught by French volunteers and a Yemeni teacher to acquire the necessary skills to make various crafts. All materials for the project are provided by YERO. The income generated trough the various sales around the city of Sana’a or internationally are directly provided to the individual women in the project and devided equally among them.

Computer Classes

Girls with teacher at computer classEvery afternoon, computer classes are provided by YERO. Children from different ages participates in the class to acquire a general knowledge of computers and software such as Office Products. These skills are important to acquire a decent job in today’s society; therefore it is necessery to teach children computer skills. Furthermore it can lead the student to pursue a computer engineers’ major. Until now 38 students have already graduated from the computer classes.

In English, please! YERO’s English classes

YERO has a deal with MALI, which is one of the major language institutes in Yemen. A pilot program is being tested now with the enrollment of two children at the expenses of YERO. The children enrolled in the program have finished high school and get ready to enter university. As English is often the main language in universities here it is an important aspect of education.

In addition, English classes are also offered at the center by volunteers. The classes mainly constitute of basic English for beginners and homework assistance for the advanced level.

Note: YERO is NOT a school. It is an organization to support marginalized women and children in Sana’a. We enroll several children into governmental schools in the morning and a tutor in the afternoons.

Summer activities

Summer outing for childrenVarious summer activities are organized by YERO for the benefits of the Children such as football (Boys and Girls Team), excursions to museums, recreational outings outside the city like picnic, theater and shows. The children are encouraged to participate in these activities to grow their characters.


YERO is engaged in charity with the help of expatriates and Yemenis for the collection of goods every year before and during the month of Ramadan. YERO distributes Rations and clothes for the children and their families. Furthermore, during the year, we distribute good second-hand clothing to families and children in needs.

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