Does YERO’s intervention make any difference?

Yes, our long-term commitment to the children’s education aims to improve their opportunities for a better future. Given the education, skill and training they receive, the children will have a better chance of achieving success.

How do I know YERO is a transparent organization?

We believe that we are accountable for all money received from sponsors and other benefactors. YERO keeps financial records of all funds received and all expenditures. It also keeps records of the chidren’s achievements. YERO publishes annual accounts. On request, Sponsors can visit YERO and speak with the children and their families.

What is the normal annual contribution?

The normal contribution is the amount of USD 300,- a year to sponsor a child. See also: how to sponsor.

As a sponsor, can I give more than my normal annual contribution?

Yes, extra donations are always welcome. Any extra funds YERO receives help to pay for educational materials or equipment for sponsored and non-sponsored children. It also helps to purchase materials for workshops, which in turn creates job opportunities for family members of the children. You can, of course sponsor more than one child.

How much of the money goes towards the program?

About 90% of the funds received from sponsors goes directly for providing the educational needs of the children. The other 10% is used for administrative expenses.

What have some of the sponsored children achieved?

Some of the children have gone to the university, other have started working and used the training they received at YERO. The most important is their self-confidence they gained from the support received from YERO and from participating in the activities at YERO, which have enabled them to reach higher goals and objectives

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