Othman’s story

Othman was spotted in the street selling water when he was about 13 years of age. He was in an appalling state and looking after his mentally ill mother, who was begging in the streets. He had stopped attending school to provide for his mother. YERO agreed to help him and his mother by providing education for him and monthly ration and medication for his mother. YERO registered him at the local government school and he also began to attend YERO for assistance in his studies. He completed a computer course with YERO and his secondary education. Thereafter with the assistance from YERO he obtained an employment in a Shopping Center.

Othman is now living in one of the Gulf States and has good and secure employment. He still keeps in touch and constantly expresses his gratitude to YERO for giving him an opportunity to improve his future. He recently got married to one of our previous students and is living the life he has always wanted.

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